About Us

In 1993 a small group of auto enthusiasts with a common interest in the preservation and enjoyment of antique and classic cars joined together to form a club. Those involved came predominately from three different Northern New Jersey counties, hence the club would be known as the Tri-County Cruisers.

Under the direction of its founding president Frank Hoogmoed, the club members recognized that they could use their hobby as a way to generate funds to help many worthy causes. The Tri-County Cruisers officially incorporated in June of 2000, as a non-profit organization. The Club continued to grow and progress under the leadership of past presidents Frank Hoogmoed, Mike Steinberg, Tom Wilson and Tony Scarano. The Club’s current president is Chris Wegman.

Through the years, the Tri-County Cruisers have hosted a variety of events including car shows, cruise nights, and various social gatherings. The proceeds from these events have gone to the families of sick children – helping to pay their medical bills, donations to children’s cancer research, surgical procedures for children with birth defects, as well as the support of local fire departments, first aid squads, and DARE programs. We even took part in the restoration and conversion a used golf cart (flamed paint job and all) for use by a young man who had been confined to his home on a rugged upstate New York farm due to a spinal condition. For a few seasons, we held our weekly cruise nights at the Riverdale National Guard Armory. Proceeds from those events went to the Family Readiness Group (FRG) of the 113th Infantry. These funds helped support the needs
of the families of those deployed to the war in Iraq.

The club also recognized the need to reach out and build a relationship with the younger generation of auto enthusiasts. What better way than to offer a scholarship to a young person interested in pursuing a career in the automotive field. The Tri-County Cruisers administered the application process, and our fourth annual scholarship presentation took place in June of 2015.

Presently the Club is comprised of approximately 35 active members. We hold regular meetings on the first Wednesday of every month for the purpose of taking care of busi- ness and to enjoy the friendship of our fellow members. From late spring through early autumn, we host (2) weekly cruise nights in addition to our annual car show. Throughout the year we offer a variety of social opportunities open to members, their families, and friends — including beefsteak dinners, a holiday party, an Atlantic City bus trip and our annual family picnic. We also participate in numerous holiday parades in our region.


2017 Officers and Trustees

President: Chris Wegman

Vice President: Herb “Slim” Gellings

Treasurer: Chuck Gill

Corresponding Secretary: Ray Valentin

Recording Secretary: Chris Fovacci

Sergeant at Arms: Russ Ball

Trustee: John Babitz

Trustee: Ray Sabanko

Trustee: Joe Drodz